Huawei & Microsoft Team Up To Launch Exclusive Windows Smartphone in Africa


Chinese telecoms giant Huawei launched a Windows smartphone tailored for and exclusively available in Africa. The device, a customized version of the Huawei Ascend W1, was created in partnership with Microsoft as part of its new 4Afrika initiative.

Prices have not yet been announced, but Gustavo Fuchs, director of the Microsoft Windows Phone division in the Middle East & Africa, told the BBC that “our aim is to be the most affordable Windows phone in Africa.” He estimates that there will be “tens of millions of smart devices available across the continent in the next couple of years.”

Fuchs said 4Afrika’s objective is to increase smartphone penetration in the continent, in part by developing apps appealing enough to local consumers to make them consider switching from their feature phones. According to Fuchs, the current penetration rate is “very close to 10%” and less in some regions.

“Affordability is important…

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